It’s Official


Yayy!!!  I have finally narrowed down my 1st  book’s synopsis.  I’ve said it before and will continue to emphasize this point of how the courage and strength that I have unexpectedly found has led me to the sharing of my story thru this fictional character Tharisse.  She and I are very similar and though this story has been inspired by actual events throughout my life, it is my creativity that is allowing Tharisse to use her own voice and she hopes to inspire others.  If something in your soul’s pit is telling you to share your experiences as there could be another person out here who needs it, we hope you too find the courage needed to take such a huge risk of exposing your truth.

I will keep you all posted as to when and where my book will launch its Part I and would be honored to have you join me on my escapade.  It is not just a journey for me but a life discovery.

Please feel free to comment your thoughts as any and all feedback are welcomed…Thank you for visiting!



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