Pardon Me…


I apologize in advance for my rant!!!    Everywhere I look I see some shit like this haunting at me like a freaky ghost…Yes I am in a state of discouragement at the current moment…I know that my beliefs are as real as I allow them to be but somehow I still keep getting lost…I am so upset with myself for allowing this negative energy to take over me.  I am praying and praying and praying…I try to keep as productive I can…but I’m fed up it seems as if nothing is happening so how much can you do when you are disabled, not able to work, no friends, no social activities, no intimacy, can barely walk (literally) I use a walker for short distances and a powerchair for long distances due to peripheral neuropathy which hurts like crazy and whats even worst I can no longer tolerate most of the foods I used to enjoy…AND MANY MORE

Anyhow yea I know I have lots of issues to deal with and now you know too 🙂  and I swear I am trying my best to maintain a positive outlook on it all, (partial reason for writing/sharing my story) It’s just sooooo hard trying to keep it all together but um yea ok…I will push through and yes continue to pray…I even decided to quit smoking ciggerettes which is making me more crazy out my ass (its only been a day) I am drinking green tea now as a form of cleanser, like really I am trying…This story I’m writing has me damn near psychotic I am so nervous about releasing it but I hope it is received well and someone will get something from it…

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5 thoughts on “Pardon Me…”

  1. Keep your head up. I feel you. I have a lot of issues too. I’ve been reading some of your blogs and every time I try to submit to get the link to continue nothing comes in my email. I want to continue to read and support you. We have a lot in common and I’m sure there are others out there that feel the same so you’re story will help some people I’m sure. Just reading this blog I felt like this was for me. I struggle daily with my gift to write. I don’t have support from people close to me so I give up often. I’ve always wanted to be a writer every since I was in high school and two of my family members told me I wasn’t smart enough to be a writer, That always stuck with me. God finally made me be still and write regardless of how dumb I felt. I decided to try this site not knowing anything, learning things from youtube to help me get started. everytime I post something I’m nervous so I understand. I too get discouraged easily and it’s soooo hard that I feel crazy too sometimes. Don’t give up!!! This negative energy will pass! Keep going even when you feel like you can’t! You can do it! I need you to write for me…Peace and Love Sista

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    1. Thank you for following along and reading my posts…I especially thank you so much for your kind words…It was rite on time! I will surely keep pushing the pen! Have you checked your spam folder for the notifications?


      1. You’re welcome. I did check before but I’ll check again. I will let you know if I did or not. I’m looking forward to reading your story. I hope you’re feeling better today. Happy to know that I was rite on time!

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