The Truth Continues

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I’ve decided to go in another direction moving forward. Tharisse is my inner voice so I will continue to speak through her, be sure to pick up your copy of The Triumph Within Tharisse which is now available on AMAZON FOR $2.99


I do hope you enjoy the short story!   This is my truth as it continues…

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I was diagnosed at the age of 19 years old…I just turned 40 years old…God is Awesome! It took me all this time to find the courage to share my story. I struggled a lot with it but I hope to help anyone carrying the weight of it or living in hiding as I did.

I have decided to own my life with the demon and so here is a re-introduction:

My name is Tharisse and I am HIV+.  It has been 20 years and yes it has been extremely difficult carrying the weight of it on my shoulders but my demon has taught me tons of valuable lessons in life and continues to do so.  
Thank you for reading and allowing me to share my story with you.  I hope you will continue on the journey of Tharisse’s Truth as more of my story is still to come…   Now head on over to Amazon for the title:  The Triumph Within Tharisse to get a full understanding of the experiences leading up the diagnosis.






6 thoughts on “The Truth Continues”

  1. Wow… I’m so proud of you for sharing your story. Once again, you have given me motivation. I had a scare with HIV when I was still married, I was told the woman my ex-husband was cheating on me with had HIV while I was pregnant with twins eleven years ago. I was so scared and devastated then, of course he lied about it. I didn’t believe him cause I got this information from two different people, but being so weak minded and in love with him still, I continued to have sex with him, even after we divorced. It wasn’t until five years ago when I started getting sick a lot that I decided to get tested. I was so relieved that I didn’t have HIV, I’ve tested twice and both test came back negative but it caused me to have a phobia. I have been celibate for 5 years because of that. I understand your struggle and I’m sorry that happened to you. It is so easy to happen to anybody and your story will help a lot of people living in silence, like maybe my ex-husband and his wife.

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    1. Hi, I appreciate that so much…I am so happy that you were not made a member of the HIV community and I so understand how that close call has led you to celibacy…I too have been celibate for about 4 years now and was due to my status as well as a few other factors which will be revealed further along my journey share… My biggest goal is to yes inspire open conversations about HIV as it is becoming more common now a days and thats kinda scary…We need to protect one another!
      I would like to ask this of you, not sure if you are on other social media platforms but if you wouldn’t mind sharing these posts, I would be so grateful…Hoping to spread my story so that I can speak to other souls out there…Thanks again for your suppport and I wish you wellness and strength to conquer any battle you may face!

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      1. I use to have a facebook but I just deactivated it. I will have my daughter share your story on hers. You really give me so much strength to keep writing. I have so many struggles and I live in silence about mental illness that I suffer from. I feel so alone in a family full of judgemental people. The only person i feel comfortable talking about it to is my oldest daughter. I suffer from extreme social anxiety. It’s very hard for me to communicate with people which has made me agoraphobic. My siblings and parents don’t understand that is why I can’t keep a job or be around a lot of people. I suffered from this even as a child and they didn’t even notice. Now, being a mother myself, I can’t even be the mother I suppose to be. Your story of truth really hits home. It may be a different issue but it’s like living with a demon as well.

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