“The Triumph In Me”

Never knew it was there but it was all along

My dream come true is being led by my biggest nightmare



Disabled and still dreaming? Just because I’m disabled
doesn’t make my dreams any less attainable… Striving for success while facing
challenges of becoming disabled… I wasn’t born this way and I won’t die this
way… Defeating my disability…

Cheers to a new beginning! A new life I chose to claim after
surviving 4 brain surgeries within a 5-year span. I am a single African American woman, mother of one daughter, now age 21-years old. My name is Kashinda and I raised my daughter as a single
parent while also suffering from mental illness (Depression). My life has been
filled with one challenge after another and presently I must deal with a
physically limited lifestyle due to a chronic case of Peripheral Neuropathy,
which makes tackling the simplest task difficult to complete.

The pain from nerve damage is horrible but I am learning to adapt.

I am very grateful just to be alive.

I have been blessed enough to realize I needed to make a
choice, to live the best I can with what I have or wither away in sorrow. I
chose to live. I actually decided to share this story with the world by authoring
my first book entitled “The Triumph In Me”, which is set to re-launch soon.
Writing a book was not something I sat out to do but as I got to know
myself again, there was something in my heart that felt like there can never be
too many stories shared. It is my hopes to inspire and motivate anyone who can
relate to similar or not so similar issues. For them to grab hold to a handful
of faith and choose to live their lives as well. Often we get so overwhelmed by
all the negativity, we lose sight of any hope for the positive things that can
arise from our unfortunate situations. I have basically lived in silence with
my illnesses aside from a handful of people.
It is now I choose to own my life as it is.

Will you join me in sharing
my truth?  Use the hashtag #Tharisse and share to your social media.

Much thanks and appreciation!


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