Networking can be a daunting task. Meeting new people. Building relationships with like-minded individuals with the uncertainty of being accepted or even taken seriously.  I have more than one goal I am working towards. My journey just so happens runs parallel with my daughter’s journey. Not to say that it’s a race but more like a buddy system.  If it wasn’t for her starting on her journey to success, I wouldn’t be on mine. She motivated me to go after my own goal instead of dedicating myself to assist her in pursuing hers. We, Asia and I are bound to get to that finish line. We will continue to bounce off each other’s energy, pull one another along during times of lag or discouragement and most importantly encourage one another to keep going. We are a mother-daughter tag team system. I am less physically able than my daughter due to extensive nerve damage but just knowing that she believes in me and my creative abilities is all the strength I need to keep on keeping on. My ultimate goal is to inspire anyone who feels trapped in their own darkness. Dreams aren’t diminished just because you become disabled. Life’s obstacles may block us, but it can be just temporarily. There is always a detour route to be taken, you must learn where to look.

Will you support the building of my network?  You can become a part of it just by sharing this blog to your social media. Just click on the appropriate button below.  Feel free to reblog any of my previous posts as well to your already established blogs.  I believe in you all and appreciate the sharing of your personal experiences. I also appreciate the valuable information you share as well.

Let’s continue to show support of each other’s part contributed to this huge network called the WORLD!  Remember SHARING is indeed CARING!!!

Thank you all!!!!


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