Book Update:  I have changed courses in regards to my book. Yes, I was offered a publishing contract. After careful consideration, I have chosen to decline the offer. Maybe it was foolish of me given the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to Self-Publishing. It just didn’t seem like the publisher took my story as serious as it calls for. This isn’t your typical urban fiction. It speaks a very necessary message during these tough times. Not to mention the enormous courage and strength coming from a disabled person.  I prayed on it and feel as though if it is meant to be, it will be. Now yes I did put the 1st part of the book out myself and received a few amazing reviews. Soooo I added more content and this re-release is gonna be awesome. So yea that’s the update. I will continue to keep you guys poted on the progress.  Here is a brief description along with the Synopsis and the revised cover.  Let me know what you all think. I appreciate any and all feedback.  Much thanks!!

Book Cover (final)

The Triumph In Me is both relatable and inspiring. This story reads as an urban fiction narrative which takes you on the journey of one young woman’s troubled life.  It takes place in the inner city beginning in the late 1980’s and forward; a time of her teenage years through her adulthood. She battles with mental illness as well as other health challenges while raising her daughter as a single mom. Tharisse, the main character reflects on her discretions in order to find peace with the negativity built up inside.  She opens up and shares some of her deepest inner thoughts and feelings towards the mistakes she later decides to own up to. I, as the author, welcome you into the life of Tharisse.  Join in on her journey to self-discovery as she reveals her shocking truth.  It will empower the reader to take on their very own life challenges giving hope for a better tomorrow.


Synopsis:  Tharisse, a young African American woman having grown up in the urban streets of NJ, finds herself on a path of self-discovery. Raised by a difficult mother and a stepfather she despises, Tharisse feels as though her image of a man was tainted from the start.  She searched for love apparently in all the wrong places.

In addition to the many challenges Tharisse faced in life including being diagnosed with HIV at age 19, she was forced to raise her only daughter Destiny alone. Eugene, Destiny’s father disappeared from their lives, which leaves Tharisse the need to make decisions on how to move on with her life.

Discover how this mother turned her troubles into triumphs…How did she free herself from the turmoil that took place within her? How did her navigation through the many struggles of life affect the up-bringing of Destiny?   Tharisse invites you into her world as she shares her journey of learning to own her truth. This urban drama was inspired by true life events.

All rights reserved.

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