Meet Isabella

Meet Isabella:

Isabella is visually impaired

When she looks in the mirror

She sees nothing

People:  “You’re so beautiful; your skin so milky smooth. Just the right hint of honey.

Your complexion, the perfect shade, the perfect tone, the perfect hue.

Your hair is healthy, voluminous, the perfect wave pattern.

Every feature of your face perfectly sculpted.”

Isabella you also have a heart of gold, you’re just beautiful.”

When Isabella was asked, “What’s the one thing you would wish for if wishes came true?”

Isabella:  “I wish to look in the mirror and see the beauty of me; the beauty you see of me.

I see beautiful people around me all the time. I want to see my beauty.”

Isabella is not blind. She can very well see.

Why do you think Isabella doesn’t see her own beauty if people tell her all the time how beautiful she is?

***This is a fictional character. Not intended to reflect anyone who so happen name is Isabella.***

Short Story by Kashinda T. Marche        All rights reserved.



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