This is the voice of Tharisse…I will be sharing her journey of truth and self discovery…I hope you will find her story to be both uplifting and an enjoyable read…

I am continuing the story previously shared on the no longer existing blog:

“The Triumph Within Tharisse”

Welcome to “Tharisse… A Story of Truth”

The Purpose of my book is to bring awareness to the struggles of life that hits all of us in some way, shape or form and no one individual is exempt. The younger generations need to know that they are not alone. I hope to expose a cycle of pathology that we are mostly unfamiliar with. As much as we aspire to be or not to be, we need to be enlightened by the power over us all. Without acknowledgement of this power, we have no direction other than that of our own and what do we know as humans other than what is taught to us by whatever influences we have in our lives but if those very influences have not learned by the power of all, then how can it be passed to us.

As I matured spiritually, it has led me on a scary road to self discovery which is a powerful experience. You begin to learn things about yourself that has possibly been suppressed for long periods of time, just hanging out there in the pits of your soul becoming the ruler of your being, while you remain completely unaware of its presence.

By becoming self discovered all those feelings, thoughts and issues began to release themselves in ways that frightened the hell out of me. Initially my first reaction was to resist but then I had to realize that this was all inclusive to that of my purpose, to share the process in its entirety and with the purest of honesty. I had to learn to embrace the very thing, my worst enemy; myself. I had to learn to embrace myself and all that I am. Some things make me proud and others which I am ashamed but still being a work in progress as we all are, it is becoming less of shame and more of reasons to strive to be better.

My goal is to reach those unheard voices, those who feel or have felt the desire to speak but fear of the unknown kept them in silence. I have learned we all have a story and it is our duty in the world to use our experiences for a better good, deciding if sharing will help another and find the strength and courage to follow through accordingly.

Thank you all for taking the time to hear me.

Please be Inspired…Be Empowered…Discover Yourself!!!


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Continued from The Triumph Within Tharisse