Just wanna be

Ever have that moment where you just wanna be something other than

Other than what is. Other than what isn’t. You just wanna be!

I often had moments where I knew I wanted to be something but couldn’t put my finger on what.

Even now in this very moment I know I just wanna be

I just wanna breathe and not feel like I’m drowning

I just wanna see and not be so blinded

I just wanna be loved and not feel so alone

I just wanna be free and not feel so held captive

I just wanna rise and not feel so weighed down

I just wanna live and not feel so dead


anything? NO! Other than what is. Other than what isn’t.


PaperBack Now Available!!!

Well guys here we are!  Again you all know how much I appreciate you visiting me here. Many many thanks to anyone who has or will be purchasing my book. The link is:


Now that the process of book #1 is at its completion, I will be sharing in great detail how this process has been.  So stay tuned for that.

As a bonus I am inviting you to join in on the official launch via FaceBook Live!

Here is the link to the invite: LIVE LAUNCH EVENT!!!

I will be answering questions and explaining the back story of creating the characters and such.  It’s gonna be awesome but here is a secret Shhhhh!  I’m totally terrified of being on camera.  Soooooo come on by!


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Meet Isabella

Meet Isabella:

Isabella is visually impaired

When she looks in the mirror

She sees nothing

People:  “You’re so beautiful; your skin so milky smooth. Just the right hint of honey.

Your complexion, the perfect shade, the perfect tone, the perfect hue.

Your hair is healthy, voluminous, the perfect wave pattern.

Every feature of your face perfectly sculpted.”

Isabella you also have a heart of gold, you’re just beautiful.”

When Isabella was asked, “What’s the one thing you would wish for if wishes came true?”

Isabella:  “I wish to look in the mirror and see the beauty of me; the beauty you see of me.

I see beautiful people around me all the time. I want to see my beauty.”

Isabella is not blind. She can very well see.

Why do you think Isabella doesn’t see her own beauty if people tell her all the time how beautiful she is?

***This is a fictional character. Not intended to reflect anyone who so happen name is Isabella.***

Short Story by Kashinda T. Marche        All rights reserved.


Day 3 of Launch

Hello guys,

My emotions are running in over-drive!  I released my e-Book and now awaits the feedback.  My fingers are crossed that the people who are so gracious to support me and are intrigued by the cover/description will enjoy it. It is my hopes that they are inspired by Tharisse’s courage to go on despite her setbacks.

Realistically, I know that it may not be enjoyed by everyone but it doesn’t take away the fact that when it took so much to get to an accomplishing point in life, you pray for great results.

Anyhoot, back to the promoting I go. I just wanted to pop in and update you all on the progress of this enlightening  journey.

Thank you all for the continued following and please help me by sharing the title!

THE TRIUMPH IN ME     *Doesn’t it feel good to share with the intention to help another*

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Launch Day!

Hello fellow bloggers!

Today I am proud to present to you the KINDLE version of a very special project.

As many of you know, I am at battle with multiple disabling conditions but throughout it all I do my best to persevere as I encourage those who can relate.

Though this project has been difficult, it is my honor to share this accomplishment with you.

I ask for your support by purchasing this Ebook; however your willingness to share it by hitting a social media button below means just as much to me.

Join in on spreading the word of awareness!

***Paperback version will be available soon***

If you are interested in a paperback  PRE-ORDER option, please email me for further details, otherwise THANK YOU in advance for your purchase and ENJOY the read.




Just one of those days

Hello everyone,

I decided to pop in and share with you all today just how difficult this whole process of getting my 1st book ready for release has been.

Today is just one of those days when I momentarily questioned what in the hell do I think I’m doing?  I know I must practice what I preach by pushing through the rough patches and believing that things will get better if you strive toward it but damn I would never tell anyone or lead you to believe that it is easy.  I face challenges every single day of my life whether it be showering, preparing myself something to eat or hell just pulling myself up outta bed.  I am learning to adapt. Good days and not so good days are expected. No prob!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining but damn – damn – damn.  I truly believed that the story I am sharing or trying to share was placed within me for this very reason.  It may very well be my purpose in life to open up and share what life is like when faced with challenges and how you can overcome them by broadening your perception in certain areas, praying on a regular and basically believing in yourself that you can do and be better.  I am trying really hard to hold on to my faith and hope but yeah today is just one of those days.

Trying to independently publish my 1st book with no money to invest in it is beyond difficult. It is seemingly impossible. I know I know nothing is impossible, all things are possible through Christ for he who strengthens me.  Geesh that’s the scripture I chose to include in my book. lol

People, I am running into small details that no matter how I look at it or where I look for help, it cost. So what am I to do? All was going well til now. I am at the point in the process that I absolutely need a professional final edit before going to print and the rates are crazy high. I completely understand that peoples’ skills are valuable and therefore must be charged accordingly and so I will never ask anyone to just give me a freebie of their service.  Sigh! I will continue to pray on it as I stare at my completed manuscript hoping it miraculously polishes itself into an outstanding piece of work that you all can enjoy as a great read but to also get inspired to pull the bullshit life that maybe holding you down by the horns and get on board with transforming into a pleasurable life living being.

Well that’s all for now, stay tuned for further updates on The Triumph In Me!

A journey to success! Success=Living

Thank you for visiting!



Making Progress!

Sooooooooo who’s ready 4 it?????  The Triumph In Me – A Story of Truth  (Paperback)

Will be available sooner than expected.  I have been blessed enough to be granted the opportunity to share my creative writing with the world.  Some of you are a bit familiar with my journey and I am so appreciative.  It can never be told to me that I have not given this my all. I have put my best efforts in to create a story that is both entertaining and empowering and it is my hopes that it is received in such manner.  Prayers to you all!

By the way…what do y’all think of the new cover???  Comment below and please share to social media…Thanks a bunch and remember let’s keep on keepin on!


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