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About Those Positive Affirmations

Hey guys! Happy Fab Friday! I come today to share what gets me through my tough times, you know those rough patches in life we all experience. Sometimes, I wake up feeling crappy, actually most of the time I wake up feeling crappy. I am learning that until God blesses me with a miracle that eliminates that, I just do the best I can with what I have. A crappy feeling!

Well, here’s the thing I’ve learned that God has blessed me with that miracle and it goes by the term “positive affirmations.” I have attached a link where you can learn all about them from someone who can explain it way better than I can. I just wanted to share this with you because you or someone may be needing some re-wiring or re-direction in their life just like I did. It’s also an interesting perspective. (and a lovely website) 😊

I practice making my own positive affirmations according to my life and specific areas I choose to focus in on as I see fit. There are many factors that play part in this process including feedback from others.

Here’s an example of one of my own: “My health has been attacked by sickness and I will work toward taking my meds as prescribed and finding alternative ways of coping.” See, this is one that can be leveled up once I get this particular action mastered. You see, I struggle with taking my meds for all sorts of reasons and so this is one of those affirmations that I can actually “graduate” from. It is not negative turned positive; nor is it a lie to myself. It’s an honest statement from my inner truth. My goal is to one day say: “Now that I am taking my meds as prescribed, I feel much better and am coping well.” I already have the index card written up ready to post on my wall. I also practice statements pre-written by others such as Oprah, Louise Hay and Suze Orman. 🤷‍♀️ So, do you see how it works? It’s an amazing process; however, I can not lie, it is difficult to say the least. Consistency is important. I totally understand everything may not work for everyone and this is just me sharing. Do you use positive affirmations?

Of course, prayer plays a huge part in my process to living a fulfilling, purpose led life. And, I am ok with that.

Ok. ok. ok. I know, I talk too much. Here’s the link I mentioned a bunch of sentences ago…😁  Louise Hay  Let me know if you find this helpful.

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Smiles and blessings! Have a wonderful, safe weekend.


Share Day again!

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Changing My Song

Hey guys, today I decided to try something a little different. Is there anyone else out there sick and tired of being sick and tired. Tired of singing the same old sad song? Seeking a better way to lighten the mental load of despair? Lord knows I fall under this category of questions. Well, let’s see if I can manage to sing a different tune.

Today I am thankful; thankful to recognize all the rights to some of my wrongs. Although I am still a work in progress, I have come a long way. I am thankful for that. As we are closing out the year 2016, I would like to highlight a few things that will hopefully make my 2017 a bit more tolerable.

My spirit of belief has grown tremendously. I had a hard time believing in myself, believing that I could do the impossibles that existed in my world of reality. I’ve learned this year that the world I created to be my reality had been isolated from the world of others I share the universe with. I had to learn that there was so much more to look to than what I had became accustomed to knowing. A world of dreams, goals and aspirations. I now realize how I have been so selfish to my potential self by not believing there was a world bigger than my own.

My mental health still suffers from my own ignorance. I chose to think I had the mental capacity to guide my footsteps in life. The thought that I can ignore medication therapy and all will be well. The thought that I could ignore the need of psychotherapy and all will be well. The thought that if I can just accept the fact that I share my being with a diagnosis of BiPolar Depression, all would be well. Bullshit rite? It takes more than just my thoughts of or acceptance of for all to be well; for me to be well. I am thankful that despite my moments of weakness, I haven’t attempted to take my own life. 

My physical abilities have declined significantly during this past year. I am now convinced that the use of a wheelchair is in my best interest. My doctors have previous certified me wheelchair approved but it took a while for that to digest. I continued to struggle to walk and have had a few falls along the way. I am now in acceptance to using a wheelchair to get around. I have installed a shower transfer bench to ensure I not fall in the shower anymore. Major safety issue. One of those thankfuls I’d like to express. I am thankful that despite my own ignorant negligence, I have escaped major injury from numerous shower falls. 

This neuropathy thing is probably the most disturbing circumstance of all. It was one thing to get used to the fucked up feeling of a continuing numbness and painful ordeal taking place in my lower legs and feet but now my hands are suffering as well. I no longer have feeling in my fingertips and my fingers themselves feel as if they are jammed in a door sometimes. Pain in my hands and fingers are now included on my long list of all that’s wrong in my life. But as I mentioned earlier this post will not focus on the wrongs but clearly I had to lay some of them out just to get the point across. Surely enough to emphasize how I am thankful to it all. 

My personal life, well let’s just say it gets a little lonely being alone. I know it was my own choice to not date and block out any thoughts of intimacy but gee whiz. I must admit my past relationships have been quite interesting and when I reflect back after having adjusted my perception, boy o boy, what was I thinking? How did my mates last as long as they did? I was a piece of work, yup, a load to deal with. We had our great moments sure but uh, yea, I guess I don’t blame them for not fighting me on separating. I have learned to live this thing alone, on my own with the help of getting through it from family especially my daughter. She has been exceptionally supportive and will always remain my biggest motivator. I am thankful to have such a wonderful daughter.

Without turning this into a short story. Funny, coming from a person who these days are becoming known as an author; which brings me to the publishing of my 1st book titled, The Triumph In Me, during this year. Still in awe about that whole situation, I must mention it. I am again still learning to accept that God had placed certain gifts in me as he did for all of us. I didn’t believe in myself enough to know that I was inclusive in such blessings. But yes, I am blessed and oh so thankful for being made aware of my gifts, one which happens to be that of writing. It may even be considered quite remarkable how such an individual going through all these mental and physical changes managed to push out a BOOK. Maybe to some it may not be so remarkable but here’s the gist to that, the whole point of it all. You ready? Well it really doesn’t MATTER what others think of or view of the idea; as long as I know what I’ve been through, still going through and what it took to accomplish such a deed. An effort to find my purpose and pursue it. A lesson I learned while writing; I do have a purpose in my life and lives of others. I am a survivor, who chooses to share personal experiences in an effort to help others like me realize their potential. I am thankful for finally believing in ME.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for my next post where I’m thinking of pointing out some of the contradictions in life I’ve noticed thus far on my journey to self-discovery.

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I appreciate your time.




Hungry for HOPE

Desperate to find love. One of an unconditional nature.
No stipulations, no judgments, no future parting of ways.
An uplifting spirit would be nice. Lay with me. Hold me. Touch me.
Be gentle for I am fragile. Be understanding for I am complex.
Listen. Strengthen. Accept and receive me.
I will give all I have to find you again.
I’m searching for you, hope where are you? Hope are you there?
Flooded by silent tears. Captured by heightened fears.
No one to see me. No one for me to be.
Alone, weak, hungry for you hope, where are you? Are you there?
If I had just a little, I promise to make the best.
Show me just a little, I promise to do the rest.
Hope where are you? Hope are you there?